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Financing & Leasing


Digicom Wireless can provide tailored finance solutions, which match a lease structure to your needs. Our aim is to provide your business with the flexibility it needs to achieve its goals. We can provide a comprehensive asset lifecycle solution, which includes a regular upgrade program – this will ensure you swap out old for new assets as required.

The benefits to financing:

  • + Faster buying decision: easier to approve than an upfront CAPEX outlay.
  • + Enhances cash-flow: spreads the equipment cost over the life of the asset and can assist with budget management.
  • + New Source of funding: Use your current funding lines for other opportunities and use financing to acquire this equipment.
  • + Upgrade program: You can upgrade to new Digicom equipment at the end of the term, thus avoiding technology redundancy.
  • + Financing will advise you prior to the expiry of your contract to ensure you upgrade simply and quickly into new technology.