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Intrinsic Safety Radio Solutions from Digicom Wireless

Digicom Wireless I.S. Division was created to service the communication requirements for Intrinsically Safe environments across Australia and the Indo-Pacific. We differentiate ourselves by offering clear and complete documentation coupled with on-demand customer service so that you can choose the I.S. product that fits your site or job requirement.

Introduction to Intrinsic Safety

Intrinsic Safety Two-Way Radio Communications for Mining, Oil & Gas


Why do I need an I.S. product?

Fire, Malfunction or Explosion can occur in the presence of gases, vapours, flammable liquids & combustible dusts (hazardous atmospheres).

“Ex” rated equipment that is approved for use in hazardous environments should be selected according to the sites’ Ex Equipment / Intrinsically Safe guideline.

Who uses I.S. products in Ex Areas?

  • Oil Rigs, Platforms & Refineries
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Shut-Downs
  • Specialist Equipment Install
  • Refineries & Factories
  • Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Rigs & Operations
  • Refuelling & Maintenance
  • Commissioning / Decommissioning
  • Mining (Underground & Above)
  • Pharmaceutical

How do I select an I.S. product?

  • Refer to the site/project guideline
  • Refer to company specification
  • Refer to the site commissioner & safety officer
  • Refer to the below IECEx rating guide for I.S./Ex Equipment (guide only)

IECEx Markings Explained

Temperature Class Rating: T1 – 450oC, T2 – 300oC, T3 – 200oC, T4 – 135oC, T5 – 100oC, T6 – 85oC

Type of Gas Group Protection:
I – Methane (mining only)
IIA – Propane
IIB – Ethylene
IIC – Hydrogen

Protection Concept: Ex ia, Ex ib, Ex ic {Intrinsic Safety}

Type of Dust Group Protection:
IIIA – Combustible Flyings
IIIB – Non-Conductive Dust
IIIC – Conductive Dust

Equipment Protection Levels: G – Gas, D – Dust, M – Mining (refer for appropriate level and zone)

Ingress Protection (IP): Dust & Water Level Rating

Hytera PD792 Ex DMR Digital Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radio

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