Airport Communications

Connect your team with faster speed, instant communications and ease. We connect all users whether your on the tarmac, behind the desk, on foot or on craft.

Keep your team connected between control centres, flight crews, centre staff, baggage, security and emergency personnel. 

Case Study

Airport Link

Airport Link Company (ALC) operates the Green Square, Mascot, Airport Domestic and Airport International Train Stations.

To stay connected, Digicom provided a PoC Solution which connects the various team with an Area Wide Voice Network, GPS, Tracking and Emergency Features, all 23 metres below the earth’s surface!

Customised Solutions

Airports are large areas filled with various airlines, thousands of workers and machinery. Airports need to manage operational efficiency, time restraints, emergencies and ensure the safety of all workers and customers. In order for them to do so, they rely heavily on effective and reliable communications.

Digicom Wireless offers a range of two way radio solutions that cater to the Airport Industry. Contact us now for the most reliable and up to date technology available for the aviation industry.

Recommended Features

Emergency Duress Button

Emergencies require fast action. The emergency button is a critical feature on a radio, when pressed, sends an alert across the whole radio system and back to base.

Man Down

Keep your staff safe with man down. Equipping your system with man down functionality allows users to monitor any emergencies and peace of mind for staff knowing they are safe at all times.

Lone Worker

Many companies that have staff working alone and in remote locations now rely on Lone Worker. If the user fails to interact with the radio within a time frame, an emergency call will be initiated back to headquarters.

Text Message & Email

If voice communications aren't practical or necessary, users have the ability to interact via text messaging or email. You can even have pre-set favourites to acess at a touch of a button. Enjoy instant communications at the touch of a button.

Education & School Specials

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Keep your school running smoothly with cost effective communications.​

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