Advanced Radio Solutions

Key information on Hytera and Motorola Advanced Solutions.

Motorola Solutions TRBOnet​

At Digicom Wireless, we value our partnerships highly and we’re very proud to be affiliated with an award-winning international supplier, TRBOnet. Experienced with installations across 150 countries, TRBOnet is a market leader in providing support, guidance and custom solutions.

We’ve seen first-hand how TRBOnet has helped many organisations, across multiple sectors, achieve their communications goals and become more productive.

Hytera Smart

Digicom works closely with Hytera XPT Smart Dispatch, a powerful tool to provide our clients with efficient communication, management and dispatching of professional users.

The Dispatcher provides a Graphical Display as to the utilisation of the assets/radios on the system providing operators with flexibility and “at a glance” real time update as the status of radios and GPS locations of suitably optioned radios.

Telecommunication Masts

Made in Australia, these masts are a rugged and high quality solution. Originally engineered for the mining industry, these masts have proven enduringly popular across all industries.

These masts are best suited for non-directional equipment. Whilst they are rotatable and the tube sections can be clamped, the tubes are not keyed to fix their relative bearing to each other during extension, retraction and general operation.

The masts are fitted with trusted clamping collars that not only hold the mast erect but will also help to hold a mast’s directional bearing.

Motorola WAVE

Motorola WAVE is a cloud based, subscription group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.

Connect your team with faster speed, instant communications and ease using Motorola WAVE, a push-to-talk (PTT) service.