Advanced Radio Solutions

Key information on Hytera and Motorola Advanced Solutions.

Motorola Solutions TRBOnet​

At Digicom Wireless, we value our partnerships highly and we’re very proud to be affiliated with an award-winning international supplier, TRBOnet. Experienced with installations across 150 countries, TRBOnet is a market leader in providing support, guidance and custom solutions.

We’ve seen first-hand how TRBOnet has helped many organisations, across multiple sectors, achieve their communications goals and become more productive.

TRBOnet Emergency & Alarm Management

With automated response actions to instantly alert you of any abnormal circumstances, TRBOnet can increase the safety of your workspace. By automating your daily tasks and delivering alerts from nearly any source to your radio, dispatchers, email accounts or GSM phones, TRBOnet makes your security system simple.

TRBOnet Tracking

Our tracking services update you in real time, so the whereabouts of your radios is easily known. Not only does this allow you to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity, it’s also an advantageous in the case of an emergency.

TRBOnet Voice Recording

With a user-friendly search function to help you keep track of recordings, Digicom will ensure your voice system is simple, effective and easy to manage. Plus, with additional features like timestamps, part IDs and embedded audio players that support both TNA and WAV audio formats, you’ll be able to better analyse recordings.


Digicom works closely with Hytera XPT Smart Dispatch, a powerful tool to provide our clients with efficient communication, management and dispatching of professional users.

The Dispatcher provides a Graphical Display as to the utilisation of the assets/radios on the system providing operators with flexibility and “at a glance” real time update as the status of radios and GPS locations of suitably optioned radios.

  • Recording of Voice and other Select activities
  • GPS Tracking to Optioned Radios
  • Phone Patch
  • Dynamic Audio Patch
  • Group Text Messages to Housekeeping, Maintenance or Administration
  • Private Calls- For Sending Sensitive information or VIP Updates
  • Emergency Calls-Group or Priority Interrupt

Flexible System Deployment

The Hytera SmartDispatch application is not a single module, but a group of components that can be built up to a system, based on subscriber size, topology and coverage requirements. It can be configured as a small single-site system, up to a large multi-site, cross-country network system. All configurations can easily be managed through a remote configuration tool.

Location History & Route Playback

All location information of radios will be kept in the systems database for later retrieval and history location checking. Users are allowed to query history location information of a radio as well as playing back the location route of a radio within a specified time interval.

Audio Link

Allows users to patch talk groups, channels, sites and systems together so there is seamless communication between all radio users. Once the communication link is established all radios operate together regardless of frequency or mode (analogue or digital). All these configurations can be easily configured through the Hytera Smart Dispatch System dispatcher console.