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Are you prepared for the end of year rush?

Get ready for next year, now and enjoy seamless communications during the busy Christmas and New Years’ period.

Late November through to January is the busiest time of year for the two-way radio industry. It’s the most difficult time to perform radio upgrades, hire equipment for events, or even book in for repairs. Proactively preparing your system before this rush will help prevent any new needs arising in your communications network over Xmas and New Years, so you don’t face getting stuck on a waitlist. Remember: having a functioning radio communications system is crucial to both the productivity and safety of your team, so be sure to perform any regular upgrades or maintenance before it’s too late. Here are some tips to get your wireless system ready for the New Year, now:

Hire or buy radios for your end of year events

You might find that you need more handsets to keep up with the busy holiday period, or as your business grows into the new year. Prepare ahead by calculating what new products you’ll need, and put in a purchase order as early as possible. Remember, it can take up to six weeks for most providers to deliver new stock over Christmas time. First in, first served!

Service your equipment

Regularly servicing your equipment has been proven to reduce downtime and keep your system running without interruption. Our preventative maintenance program will find any faults in your system and repair them before they start to interfere with the running of your business, leaving you free to accomplish your organisation’s objectives for the new year.

Perform any necessary upgrades

If you’re not fully confident about how your current communications system is performing, it may be time for an upgrade. New radio equipment is constantly being developed, meaning that a newer, more powerful handset is always available. As experts on the latest IP and digital two-way radio technology, we can tailor a solution to meet the specific needs of your organisation, ensuring your transition to the latest equipment is quick and seamless over the busy period.

Ensure your batteries are performing properly

Did you know that more than 80% percent of all portable radio faults are linked to battery problems? Ensure your batteries are charged effectively and last long enough to fulfil your communications needs over peak time.

Need radio services for the new year? Digicom Wireless is here to help. With 30 years’ experience in two-way radio solutions and technologies, we’ll provide expert recommendations based on your needs. We understand the requirements of each sector and are up-to-date with the latest technology. For more information on our products, support or maintenance, contact 1300 398 221.

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