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Key information on Greater Sydney CBD Coverage Solutions from Digicom Wireless

Greater Sydney Radio Coverage

Needing more coverage or specialised solutions for your team  radio communications? Why limit yourself to the standard?

Whether you require site wide coverage or area wide networks, Digicom Wireless is a family owned, Australian run business specialising in the delivery of telecommunications solutions throughout Australia. We design, build, install and commission systems for all levels of requirements. Digicom offers a Greater Sydney System which allows users to connect from the Sydney CBD site to receive enhanced coverage throughout Metropolitan areas.

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Are you ready to take your communications to the next level?

Digicom offers a Greater Sydney System which allows users to connect from the Sydney CBD site to receive enhanced coverage throughout Metropolitan areas. 

Digicom provides trunked and conventional two-way radio networks for communications delivered over various UHF frequencies. Using this specialised system will provide you with over 80km of coverage compared to your standard Two Way System.

Empower your teams with Safer Reliable Faster Intelligent Operations

We keep you connected

Take your communications to the next level and upgrade to CBD Coverage and enjoy seamless coverage in your everyday operations.
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Save your organisation time and money

Why settle for less when you can have more? Keep your entire workforce connected with seamless coverage throughout the CBD and surroundings from Mona Vale to Blacktown to Liverpool and Cronulla.

Enjoy enhanced coverage in challenging areas and in-building communications without the need for costly infrastructure onsite. 

We ensure redundant power for enhanced availability with a 24/7 Service Desk to ensure any faults or problems do not go undetected and you stay connected 24/7.

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