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Keep your team connected when working remotely

Are you working remotely but still need to be part of a team?

Digicom wireless keeps your team connected, with our PTT over Cellular solution you have Instant Remote Communications with the touch of a button.

It’s as easy as

Staff download app and login to have easy 2-way radio features at the press of a button:

  • Transmit to an individual
  • A group of team members
  • No need to dial & ring
  • Call recording and logging
  • GPS locating and tracking (optional)
  • Emergency and lone worker (optional)

Supply, set up and configuration can be done remotely within 24 hours from order!

What our customers have to say:

“Increasing our staff productivity whilst working remotely”

“Instant PTT group communications during isolation is easier than calling multiple people”

“GPS location and tracking was great to keep tabs on employees”

“My team doesn’t feel neglected by working alone, we created a positive environment by communicating throughout the work day with POC”

“I can check in easily with my team to see if tasks are being completed and monitor performance”

Contact Digicom Wireless today to keep your team connected

With 30 years’ experience in two-way radio technologies, Digicom Wireless provides innovative expert recommendations, helping you find a solution suited to the unique needs of your organisation. For upgrades, support or more information on how to make your transition as quick and painless as possible, contact us on 1300 398 221.

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