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Not necessarily. Two-way radios come with many different features, levels of quality and at a range of price points. It’s important to remember that while a good quality radio system requires an additional cost, it can actually save you money and even improve your productivity by eliminating repair costs and downtime. With extensive knowledge in the costings of radio technology, we can help you find an all-encompassing, high-quality plan that pays off financially.

Absolutely. By spreading the cost of equipment over the life of the asset, your cash flow isn’t affected when you lease or finance your communications system with us. This means there’s no need to compromise on quality if you don’t have the budget set aside to purchase advanced wireless technology.

There’s no simple answer to this one, which is why we recommend talking to us about your needs. Radio systems provide different functions to suit a range of distances, terrains and environments. For example, if they are used outside, they’ll need to be weatherproof or submersible, but if they’re used inside, they’ll need to be less sensitive to interruptions like walls or concrete. Additionally, those being used over a wide distance may also require specialised coverage. By talking to us about your requirements, we can find the safest and most efficient solution for you.

Without expert help, it’s hard to determine how much equipment you’ll need: while too much equipment can mean wasted space and excessive costs, not enough can lead to slow productivity. We can help you find the sweet spot in the middle, which might help you better allocate your resources.

A preventative maintenance program can help locate any faults in your hardware and repair them before they start to interfere with the running of your business, leaving you free to go about your business, uninterrupted.

Intrinsic Safety is a protection protocol aimed to improve safety of electrical equipment in areas where explosives or irregular operating equipment are permitted. Find out more here.

Digital technology is said to be the future of radio technology. It offers big improvements in coverage, battery life, privacy, tracking and a range of safety and identification features. Digital is becoming more accessible, user-friendly and efficient than ever before, while analogue technology appears to have plateaued in innovation. If you’d like to find out how going digital might benefit your unique situation, contact us today.

Hiring can provide many benefits, especially when your need for communications is sporadic or short term. It ensures you have the most current technology, while allowing you to upgrade easily without a hefty capital investment. Plus, it can also make management of your budget more effective by improving business liquidity and reducing administration time. We offer a range of finance options. Chat to us to find out which is right for you.