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How to get the best out of your walkie talkies

Two-way radios are still one of the most simple and effective types of communications – but if not used correctly they can also be problematic. It’s easy to miss out on their full potential if you skip even a few of the most basic steps of usage and maintenance.

Here are some of our top tips for getting the most out of your walkie-talkies to help boost your efficiency, productivity and cut back on repair costs:

Sound & voice


Always keep the mic within 30mm of your mouth, especially if you’re using a digital radio. Also, ensure you project your voice and annunciate your words clearly. Remember, you don’t need to shout, in fact, being too loud can cause your recipient to incorrectly adjust their volume, leading to other communications issues.


Adjust your volume levels depending on your environment. Start at 60% and work your way up if you’re in a loud place to ensure the best control. Volume can be dangerous when it’s too loud or soft, so consider it at all times.

Earpiece & Speaker Mic

Always check that your accessories are set up correctly and screwed on firmly. When you connect your accessory to the radio, test that the radio transmits and receives audio before you start your operations. Incorrectly connected accessories can affect your radio communications. If you suspect you are having audio issues, disconnect the accessory from the radio and try again to isolate any potential issues.

Group communications

Communicating in a large group can be difficult, especially when people talk over each other. To avoid any miscommunication, always identify yourself when speaking and finish each line with “over”. Use “copy”, “received” or “understood” when you’ve heard information, and if you’re unsure of anything, ask the person to repeat themselves. This way, you can monitor if a message has not been transmitted or received.


Charge your batteries regularly

Charging your batteries is crucial to the longevity of walkie-talkies, not only so you don’t run out of power, but because it can affect the reliability and life of your battery. Another crucial point is to never leave your radio on whilst charging. Replacing your batteries every 18-24 months is a great rule of thumb to maximise the life of your fleet.

Keep them clean

Dirt and dust can harm your audio and battery connections, so be sure to inspect your radios from time to time. If there’s any debris stuck in the pins or connectors, remove it straight away. Also, be sure to wipe down your devices regularly to stop dirt getting into the mics and speaker areas.

Keep them as dry as possible

Even if you have a waterproof or water-resistant walkie-talkie, it’s important to keep them dry. Maintenance for a radio after any submersion is very important even if the unit has a waterproof rating. Wipe away excess water as soon as possible and ensure your units are dry before storing them away. Always refer to your user manual or contact us for help.

Daily operation


The environment, large structures, metal and concrete obstructions can disrupt your coverage. If you are constantly experiencing coverage issues, you might need to change your two-way radio plan to better suit your working environment. Ask us how we can help tailor a solution for you.                                                             

Separate your units

Operating walkie talkies too close to one another can cause feedback and de-sensing, which harms communications, so always keep units apart if they’re transmitting.

Don’t forget the instructions manual

Don’t throw your two-way radios’ usage manual out. It offers useful information about how to take care of your devices and can help you troubleshoot when there’s a problem. If you lose your manual, download a new one online, or contact us.

With 30 years’ experience in two-way radio technologies, Digicom Wireless provides innovative expert recommendations, helping you find the perfect digital solution for your unique needs. Want a two-way solution that gives you more? For upgrades, support or information, contact us online or on 1300 398 221.

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