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Industry Sectors

See below for some of our key industry sectors.

Don’t let miscommunication ground your airport operations. Two-way radios ensure smooth communication between the ground crew, maintenance and security personnel.
From mountains to deserts, our two-way radios can handle any terrain. Stay connected and in control on your next outdoor adventure.
Efficiency is key on any construction site, and that starts with clear communication. Our walkie-talkies for hire will keep your team connected and on schedule.
From the hallways to the playground, keep staff connected with our walkie-talkies for hire. Improve communication and safety on campus.
Make sure your event runs smoothly with two-way radios. Coordinate with ease between staff, security and vendors for a successful event.
From maintenance to security, keep your facilities running like clockwork with a walkie-talkie hire from Digicom Wireless.
From emergency response to public works, stay in control with two-way radios.
Make sure your guests are well taken care of with walkie-talkies for hire from Digicom Wireless. Improved communication and efficiency among staff make for a seamless guest experience.
Safety is a top priority, especially in hazardous environments. Hire two-way radios for intrinsically safe communication options.
Law enforcement demands clear communication. Two-way radios ensure that officers can stay connected and safe in the field.
Enhance communication and safety among crew and passengers with our advanced two-way radios for hire.
Keep your mine running smoothly with walkie-talkies for hire from Digicom Wireless and ensure safe mining operations.
Safety and efficiency are critical in the oil and gas industry. Trust our two-way radios for reliable communication in the field.
Improve how your staff communicates in the store or the warehouse with our reliable walkie-talkies for hire.
Ensure the safety and security of your property through effective communication among your security personnel.
Optimise communication among drivers and staff. Improving logistics and allowing you to deliver on time, on budget and with confidence.