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Introducing Digi-Poc, Powered by ChatterPTT

The Digicom Wireless team is extremely excited to launch the latest technology sweeping the world of two-way radio communications: ChatterPTT.

Harnessing the power and technology of cellular networks, 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi, Press to Talk offers exceptional flexibility and coverage straight from your smartphone or Digi-Poc Device.

This technology is simple and easy to implement. It will help merge the devices used by your organisation onto a single platform, so your mobile phones, laptops and tablets work in harmony with your walkie talkies/two-way radio system.

Expand the boundaries of two-way communications

Connect across any platform, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, broadband and two-way radio, for a seamless communications experience.

Digi-Poc allows you to operate your smartphone like you would a walkie talkie, you can combine the wide-area coverage of a cellular network with the convenience and simple operations of a two-way radio.

With Digi-Poc, you’ll experience exceptional features and coverage, with simple and immediate group voice communications – all without the larger capital expenditure that comes with investing into a traditional area wide two-way radio system.

Digi-Poc through ChatterPTT also allows you to improve business outcomes through reliable, mobile broadband data communications in the field, maintaining connectivity between machinery, vehicles and sensors. It’s an extremely reliable, cost effective wide area-communications system that can boost your business operations and enhance your workers’ safety.

Key benefits to expect from this technology

The best of your cellular network

Press to Talk is supported by Australia’s best mobile networks, so you’ll be connected over greater distances and in more places. It enables you to bring your own SIM, use our sim or use your device on Wi-Fi, saving you time and money. Plus, it’s also capable of interfacing to your current radio system, ensuring cross-network compatibility.

ChatterPTT can accommodate hundreds of users, with each being assigned to their own profile, talk groups and call capabilities. Users can expect clear and simplified communications whether their connection is via cellular data or Wi-Fi, without having to worry about issues like interference or poor or no coverage.

The best of digital features

The Dispatcher App in the ChatterPTT will enable you to manage your whole fleet from a web browser. Here you can utilise voice recording and GPS Location Services for full visibility of your people and assets. This will make checking the coordinates of devices, reviewing incidents and monitoring productivity simple and pain-free. Plus, using Voice Call, you can communicate with your whole team or contact certain individuals. You also have the option to spread critical pieces of information over text message, across a range of workforce devices.

Additionally, if danger is present, workers can initiate an emergency call or SOS at the touch of the button, ensuring you can respond to threats much faster. It offers excellent local support and operates on three servers world-wide, which is great for redundancy.

How to get your hands on it

The platform behind elements of Press to Talk is a FirstNet approved application for adopted by First Responders in the U.S. This ground-breaking technology is only now becoming available to professional communications users in the Australian market.

Digicom Wireless is offering ChatterPTT on both short and long-term plans, with a range of combo radio and phone, Wi-Fi and rugged handsets available. You also have the option to bring your own iPhone or Androids – so you can tailor your plan to suit your needs and requirements. Plus, you can also choose to purchase, lease or hire a heavy duty multi-mode device and have all fleet programming and maintenance taken care of for your convenience.

Ready to improve safety, reduce downtime and boost your productivity? ChatterPTT can help supercharge your workflow. Digicom will consult with your organisation to determine if Chatter PTT is the right solution for YOU. We’ll help you find an advanced digital solution that perfectly meets your business needs, helping you utilise new digital innovations with confidence. For upgrades, support or information, contact us online or on 1300 398 221.

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