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Introducing the Motorola DLR1060

Elevate the retail customer experience with better on-site digital radio communications

To provide superior customer service and operations efficiency, you need a reliable communication tool. The Motorola DLR two-way radio can provide instant, reliable digital communications to ensure your retail operations run smoothly.

Designed perfectly for retail, hospitality, education and health industry.

85% of managers say improving in-store communication between staff and managers would have a significant effect on customer satisfaction 1″

Keep your communications private without competitive interference

One of the biggest challenges retail organizations face with existing analog radio systems is the lack of privacy. Due to limited available analog frequencies, you may experience hearing other conversations or others listening to yours. This may delay critical communications or compromise proprietary information, resulting in a competitive disadvantage. The Motorola DLR radio can  simply and easily provide the solution to this common challenge.

“These digital, 900 MHz, license free radios leverage frequency hopping technology. This technology enables the radio to continually change frequencies, making it virtually impossible for others to listen to your private conversations.”

Motorola DLR1060
Coordinate operations throughout the store environment

CASHIERS – Easily get a price check, thus moving customers quickly through the checkout line.

STAFF – Efficiently contact departments to identify the right products for a customer.

MANAGERS – Quickly make a direct call to a staff member to request backup support.

SECURITY – Effortlessly and discreetly, contact a manager to diffuse a potential issue.


“80% staff say technology improves managing employees & operations ₃ “


Easily tailored to meet the demands of your store

Each retail organization operates a little differently. The Motorola DLR radio is the perfect solution because you have the flexibility to configure the radios to meet your procedural needs and optimize staff experience. Easily change your pre-configured top button and customize your radio to adapt to your specific organizational requirements. The DLR radio also has multiple call options which can enhance communications between team members.

Private Reply – Activate a private reply with a staff member to address specific issues quickly and efficiently without involving all employees.
Direct Call to a Manager – Set up your store radios so an employee can directly contact the floor manager on duty for quicker responses to consumer questions.
Page All Available Employees – Announce a message to everyone who is not currently tied up in radio conversation, making it easier to communicate and locate specific users.

Multibay Charger
For more information, contact Digicom Wireless to experience the DLR radio and see how it can help your retail staff communicate better. Call us on 1300 398 221 today!


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