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How The Motorola CLP Mini Radio Can Improve Crowd Control & Retail Communication

If you own or manage a retail outlet or work in event planning, you probably do your best to ensure you’re using the latest technology for efficiency and maximum profit. But did you know that one of the most innovative communication devices you can utilise is nearly a century old?

The mobile two-way radio has been around since its invention in Victoria in 1923, but it’s come a long way since the old military and police-style walkie-talkies of old. Motorola has been one of the pioneers at the forefront of new radio technology, and Motorola two-way radios could help elevate your business to the next level.

As radios have many advantages over cellular phones and public intercoms, two-way radios are ideal for managing events where crowd control and staff communication are essential. Whether you’re running a football tournament or herding guests at a large wedding, a two-way radio can be your best friend.

Likewise, if you work in retail, like Country Road, Coles, Woolworths, or Officeworks, you can save yourself a ton of legwork and hassles by utilising Motorola two-way radios with your team. You can speak with the stockroom, manage the flow of customers during busy days, and communicate important security messages with ease when you have a slim, modern walkie-talkie and headset to hand.

Why two-way radios top mobile phones in many scenarios

You might think that since the invention and widespread use of the mobile phone, two-way radios would be obsolete, but you’d be missing out on a big opportunity to improve business communication. Check out all the advantages of two-way radios when compared to mobile phones:

  • Increased durability with heavy-duty housings, little to no screen space, and bigger, hardier buttons that resist wear and tear
  • Ability to work when there is no cellular signal, including remote locations, underground, and during emergencies
  • Broadcasting capability to multiple employees or coworkers simultaneously, without the loss of privacy experienced with public address systems (using an ear-piece)
  • Improved voice clarity, volume range, and overall sound
  • Longer battery life
  • Easier hands-free options with headsets
  • No monthly plan expenses

The Motorola CLP Mini Radio: a great communication solution

If you’re starting to warm up to the idea of using a two-way radio for your business communication, the Motorola CLP Mini Radio is a fantastic place to start. It’s less obtrusive than other two-way radio models, and its design is perfect for people on the go who don’t want to restrict their freedom of movement.

The Motorola CLP Mini Radio comes in two models: the 107 and the 117. They both offer many of the same desirable features, with the 107 having four-channel options and the 117 offering six channels. The CLP Mini Radio 117 also comes with Bluetooth audio connectivity for your convenience. Both models offer the choice of wearing it on a belt or magnetic clip.

You will appreciate these elements in event hosting and retail sales or in many other similar fields, such as hospitality and entertainment:

  • Sleek, simple design in a smaller size, with an integrated antenna
  • Oversized, easy-access push-to-talk button
  • Excellent audio strength and clarity
  • High durability and long battery life (up to 9 hours of talk time)
  • Smart status glow (indicates channel, transmit/receive, scan, and battery status)
  • Voice-assisted operation
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Repeater compatibility for increased range

Your guests and customers will appreciate the new level of service and attentiveness you can offer them with the Motorola CLP Mini Radio to assist you. Easily attach any number of earpieces for increased privacy and improved audio on the receiving end. You’ll get through every shift with fewer headaches and less fatigue, and your two-way radios will last a long time with routine upkeep.

Tips for getting the most from your Motorola CLP Mini Radio

  1. Always charge your rechargeable radios when not in use. Encourage everyone to do a battery check before starting work.
  2. Practise using your two-way radios first before taking them live during a work shift. Make sure everyone understands the “push to talk” concept and that only one person can speak at a time using two-way radios.
  3. Review common radio etiquette, privacy concerns, and business rules for radio use with employees in advance.
  4. Encourage users to keep conversations brief and clear. Learn basic radio language, such as “copy,” “over,” “stand by,” and “out.” Get in the habit of repeating vital information to the person sending it so you’re sure you understood it correctly.

All your two-way radio equipment at Digicom Wireless

Ready to explore how using Motorola two-way radios can up your game at work and events? Digicom Wireless has the expertise you need and the friendly staff to show you their wide array of models, including the Motorola CLP Mini Radio 107 and 117.

We carry other gear to make your job easier, too, including headsets and repeaters for a longer signal range. Our in-house service centre is there when you need routine maintenance or repairs. Reach out today. Once you try Motorola two-way radios, you’ll never go back to doing business any other way.

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