This high-quality earpiece made from quality components and durable materials which makes it the
choice of professionals.

  •  Available in both two-wire or one-wire design
  • The microphone is also designed with discretion in mind. It can be clipped onto a collar, tie or lapel
    and quickly activated with the push to talk (PTT) button located in the centre of the switch.
  • Featuring both an earpiece and push-to- talk (PTT) microphone, this is a practical and hard-wearing
    radio earpiece for doorman, bodyguards and anyone working in security services, hospitality or crowd


  • D-Style earpiece (ear hook / hanger)
  • Soft rubber D-Earhanger
  • Loud, clear audio
  • PTT Button
  • Clip On
  • Available to suit any Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera or Vertex models
  • 2 Pin, Multi-pin, 1 Pin