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With many versatile voice and data services, the Hytera MD782 digital mobile radio offers an intuitive user interface and very high quality. Ideal for desktop or in vehicle installations, the MD782 delivers professional communication in a mobile unit. You can extend the talking distance of the MD782 by nearly 100 feet with the optional SM27W-1 Bluetooth Microphone.
As a product built to the DMR standard, the MD782 delivers quality digital voice and data communications as well as all-round digital functions to increase your efficiency and enable you to be responsive to emergency situations. The radio can also be used as a control station to monitor and communicate with radio fleets from a desk.
The MD782G is the GPS version of the radio, which allows integration with Hytera Smart Dispatch or other 3rd party GPS Solutions.

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Dual Mode
Analog & Digital
User Friendly Design
The large-size color display allows good visibility even under extremely strong light. The seven programmable keys facilitate your communication and the optional keypad microphone enhances. The optional keypad microphone enhances the ability to send quick canned messages.
Rugged & Reliable
Complies with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards and is IP54 (5: Generally protected against dust; 4: Protected against the effects of light rain or minor water splashes) ensuring outstanding performance.
Higher Spectrum Efficiency, Higher Channel Capacity
The TDMA technology allows twice the channels based on the same spectrum resource. This relieves the stress of increasing shortage in spectrum resource.
 Secure Communication
Besides the encryption inherent to digital technology, The MD782 provides enhanced encryption capabilities (such as 256- bit encryption algorithm). It has analog scrambling, and digital encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and ARCFOUR (ARC4) encryption methodology to both voice and data.
Multifaceted Features
In addition to conventional communication services, the MD782 is capable of Text Message, Scan, Emergency, Channel Steering, Auto Registration, Lone Worker, Radio Check, Remote Monitor, Call Alert, Radio Enable, and Radio Disable.
Automatic roaming of all sites in an IP Multi-site Connect system.
Pseudo Trunk
This virtual trunking feature allocates a free timeslot for urgent communications. This effectively enhances frequency efficiency and allows you to communicate in a timely manner in emergency situations.
Data Features
Supports data capabilities of sending Private and Group text messages. It also supports a Third Party to control the radio via Third party API (GPS, Radio Registration Services, Radio Call Control, Telemetry, Data Transfer), via Telemetry control to radio.
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