Hytera PD462

The Hytera PD462 portable digital radio perfectly combines advanced digital functionality with reliability. The ultra-light, sleek and compactly designed PD462 will guarantee superior voice quality in the noisiest work environments.

The PD462 allows effortless voice-operated communication via the VOX (voice-operated transmission) feature. This enhances convenience and reduces the need to press the PTT button.

To ensure a simple transmission from analog to digital radio, the PD462 comes equipped with a dual mode (analog and digital) operating system. In digital mode, the 1500mAh battery will run for a minimum of 16 hours.

No license is required for use of all narrowband 80 CB channels, including 16 repeater channels. When CB channel mode is disabled, the PD462 supports 256 programmable channels.

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80-channel CB

As the FreeTalk® 477 logo indicates, this radio requires no license for use of all narrowband 80 CB channels including 16 repeater channels.

*For this function, you need to enable the CB channel mode in programming.

Commercial Channel Mode Ready

Hytera’s PD462 is more than just a CB capable radio. There are in total 256 channels. When CB channel mode is enabled, it still allows 176 channels (450-520 MHz) to be programmed. When CB channel mode disabled, it supports 256 programmable channels (450-520 MHz).


Users can manually enable, disable or modify the CTCSS/CDCSS function via the radio menu. It is a welcome feature when there is a lot of radio traffic. Where more than one user group are on the same channel, CTCSS filters out other users if they are using a different CTCSS tone or no CTCSS. This allows you to set up the radio so you only hear calls from your own group – everything else is ignored.


PD462 supports not only scanning in programmed list, but also functions below:

  1. Via programmed buttons, users can enable or disable this scan feature.
  2. From the displayed menu, users can also add or delete the channels in the scan list. So the noisy channel can be temporarily removed.


Talk around

When working under a repeater, this function allows radio to communicate when the repeater is out of range or the repeater is down. Via the programmable button or the radio menu, the radio can use a receiving frequency to transmit. This allows the radio using simplex transmission and the radio in repeater mode to receive signal from the Talk Around operated radio.

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