Hytera X1e

Hytera X1e Digital Portable Radio complies fully with ETSI open standard, emerges as the world’s smallest full power DMR radio. The perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionality, and refined design; secure communication ensured by AES encryption algorithm & 256 digit dynamic encryption keys; convenient application development facilitated by built-in Bluetooth and USB port; and worry-free handling achieved by IP67 protection.

  • Compact
  • Slim
  • IP67
  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Encryption
  • GPS
  • Digital & Analog

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Advanced encryption

AES encryption algorithm & 256 digits dynamic encryption key ensures secure communication.

Support Hytera BT earpieces

The radio supports Hytera BT accessories: EHW02, BT earpiece; POA47, BT Ring PTT.

Open USB interface

Open USB port facilitates secondary and application development.

GPS positioning

The built-in GPS module supports GIS applications.

Dual modes (analog & digital)

Dual modes (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog-to-digital migration.

Versatile voice calls

Versatile voice calls include individual call, group call and all-call.


Vibration alerts the reception of voice call and message.

Rich signaling

Support multiple advanced analog signaling, including HDC1200, DTMF, 2-Tone and 5-Tone, providing more expansion capacity.

Software upgradable

Upgradable software enables new features without buying a new radio.

Additional Information

All come with a surprisingly small size: 18mm (1100mAh Li-ion battery) thin.

  • Ease of use: easy to use with the rugged body as thin as 18mm (1100mAh Li-ion battery), professional wireless headsets or collar microphone, palm controller and flexible antenna.
  • Full RF power: 4W (UHF) / 5W (VHF).
  • IP67: one-meter submersion up to 30 minutes.
  • Durability: passing of HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G compliance.

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