Motorola GP328 Plus

Ex Hire

Instant communication is important to many operations, as is the ability to be mobile and move freely without being weighed down by your communication tools. The Motorola GP328 Plus non-keypad two-way radio – the smallest in Motorola’s Professional Series. They are compact, light and fit easily into the palm of your hand.

  • 16 Channels
  • Emergency Alarm/Siren
  • Switchable RF Power levels
  • Repeater/Talkaround
  • Tight/Normal Squelch
  • LED Battery Gauge
  • Tone Tagging
  • Internal VOX
  • Priority Scan
  • Enhanced Signalling System

Only available for hire or Ex-Hire Purchase

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Advanced Audio Technology

Emergency Alarm/Siren

Switchable RF Power Levels

Repeater/Talkaround Enable/

Tight/Normal Squelch

16 channels

LED Battery Gauge

Tone Tagging

Enhanced Signalling Features

MDC1200 Signalling Protocol

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