WES3 Nurse Call Solution

Make Digicom Wireless your One-Stop-Shop for an integrated Nurse Call and Two Way Radio System.

One of the most advanced Nurse Call systems, WES3 has been created to safeguard your personnel and property:

Designed for construction

To develop WES3, radio and electronics experts worked with leading construction companies.

Built to last

WES3 units are covered by a full 2 year manufacturer warranty, and have a 3-year battery life under normal conditions and usage.

Connectivity to Two Way Radio Network

The WES3 system provides the ability to send an alert to portable radios in the event a Nurse Call Evacuation Button is pressed, it also enables a separate alert to portable radios in the event the nurse call button or any other maintenance alert happens on the WES3 Nurse Call Network.

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The brand-new features for WES3 include:

• Medical alert – Raise a request for medical attention from any call point in the network, which pinpoints the exact location of the alert.

• System Polling – Polling mode provides an integrity test of your WES3 network, confirming any additional or removed units.

• Inspection delay – Enables site managers to validate an alarm before evacuating site. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process.

• Pre-alarm functions – Turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level alert to indicate there is an issue without triggering a full evacuation.

• Full isolation system test mode – Test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire system.


• Each WES3 point includes

  • Evacuation Button
  • Medic Button – Alerts Base Station of Medical Incident & Location
  • 95 decibel red strobe (activated in evacuation alarm mode)
  • Unique ID at Base Station for easy locating of incidents
  • LED Indicator – lets you know at a glance if the unit is online or has an issue
  • IP55 Suitable
  • Pairs & can be relocated in seconds

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