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The NEXEDGE NX340 dual-mode transceiver operates in both analog FM and NXDN digital modes, offering a cost-effective way to migrate smoothly from legacy systems while discovering the benefits of advanced digital technology – including increased effective coverage area, low noise for clarity and inherent secured voice.
  • Digital
  • Easy To Use
  • Compact
  • NXDN

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All this comes in a tough, compact radio that is easy to operate, delivers high-powered audio and ensures round-the-clock reliability.
Compatible with NEXEDGE digital conventional mode, this radio offers 64 RAN (radio access numbers) and individual and conference group calling to ensure expeditious communications. Helping to maintain a high level of security in analog mode is a 16-code voice inversion scrambler, while robust NXDN encryption is available in digital mode.
The optional KMC-48GPS speaker microphone will enable GPS tracking applications to work with the NX-240/340. GPS data can be transmitted at programmed timing or upon receiving a request.
Other digital features include: over-the-air alias (TX only); paging call; individual call and conference group call; status messaging; remote monitor; site roaming; late entry; NXDN ESN. Analog features include: FleetSync, MDC-1200, DTMF; QT/DQT/2-tone; Compander; Squelch Level.
NEXEDGE radios employ NXDN, an FDMA digital air interface with AMBE+2 voice coding technology, unique filtering and a four-level FSK modulation technique with low bit error rate even at weak signal strengths. The 36 mm diameter speaker delivers up to 1 W audio output.
RF output power is 5 W for both VHF (NX-240) and UHF (NX-340). Additionally, the UHF frequency coverage on the NX-340 is 70 MHz. The NX-240/340 can be used with two conventional zones, offering up to 16 channels per zone.
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