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advanced radio solutions

Radio Over Cellular

Connect work teams, anywhere, anytime… and on any device.

Communication With No Limits

Connect your team with faster speed, instant communications and ease using Motorola WAVE, a push-to-talk (PTT) service. Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC or Radio over Cellular) is an exciting new technology offering VoIP Two-way radio communication with area wide coverage over the cellular phone data networks.

What is Radio Over Cellular?

Radio over Cellular offers an exciting array of features. Want to connect your workforce without the large outlay traditionally associated with area wide communications? Find out why Radio over Cellular (PoC) is a game changer.

No Costly Infrastructure

Connect your team Australia wide with PoC over Telstra or Optus networks. Eliminate the need for infrastructure.

Team Management

Individual call, group chat, GPS tracking and much more to keep your team safe, connected and monitored at all times.


Traditional two way style devices or android style devices will keep you connected.


Monitor calls, text messages, location tracking and more.

Area Wide Coverage

Communicate from Sydney to Perth with the press of a button. Your message is transmitted instantly.


Encryption to protect your data, along with lone worker, man down and more for users to implement safer operations in the field.

Broadband PTT

Enjoy area wide coverage with the network provider of your choice.

Increase Efficiency

Cost Saving

Merge communications across your organisation, using the existing devices your people work with every day – whether they be mobile phones, tablets, laptops and two-way radios.

Single Platform

Business-critical resilient group communication for small, medium and large enterprise customers. With a single platform providing GPS tracking of your devices, allowing full visibility of your people and assets.

Increase Efficiency

Improve worker safety, reduce down-time & increase productivity by connecting two way radios with smart phones & smart devices.


Push to Talk network service in Australia and New Zealand which optimises quality of service and ensures calls are connected instantly.

Area Wide Coverage

Communicate from Sydney to Perth with the press of a button. Your message is transmitted instantly.

Why POC?

We know that the key issues in the provision of any radio solution are safety, ease of use, flexibility to grow and value for money.

At Digicom Wireless we pride ourselves in supporting customers with simple and reliable Push-To-Talk Two-Way Communications.

Whether you bring your own smartphone or opt for a specialised PTT device, we have you covered. Not only expanding your coverage as far as the Telstra and other Mobile Phone Networks but providing a simplified and easy-to-use device to connect your team seamlessly.