Radio over Cellular

Instant group and one-to-one communication…

with ChatterPTT everyone’s just a tap away.

Improve worker safety, reduce down-time & increase productivity by connecting two way radios with smart phones & smart devices.


With ChatterPTT you can merge communications across your organisation, using the existing devices your people work with every day – whether they be mobile phones, tablets, laptops and two-way radios.

ChatterPTT is designed to offer a business-critical resilient group communication and data platform for small, medium and large enterprise customers. It connects your current communication devices onto a single platform and can also provide GPS tracking of your devices, allowing full visibility of your people and assets.

ChatterPTT have built a Push to Talk network service in Australia and New Zealand which optimises quality of service and ensures calls are connected instantly. ChatterPTT is a truly intelligent group communication solution for your entire workforce.


Powered by the “Chatter PTT” App:

  • Short and Long Term Plans are available.
  • Combo Radio and Phone/Wifi Handsets are available
  • Bring your own iPhone or Android handset
  • Works Like a traditional Radio or traditional Phone…You Choose


You can communicate with all your team at once or as individuals:

  • Voice Call and Messages
  • Send Group Messages
  • Activate an Emergency Call or SOS
  • GPS location services available
  • Voice Recording

View our App and Device here


Telo TE580



Chatter PTT

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