Hazloc Transition Fact Sheet

When you’re operating in environments where flammable or explosive gases, vapors or dust may be present, you should consider communications equipment certified for use in hazardous locations.

The established Factory Mutual standard FM3610_88 expired in 2012. Since then, radios certified to FM3610_88 have been transitioned out since December 2015, with Motorola adapting a new TIA-4950 standard for Hazardous Location certification of two-way radios. Read more about the Hazloc transition here.

Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas

It’s important to know what’s required when picking electrical equipment for use on hazardous sites. Thankfully ARCIA, the peak national industry body representing the two-way and associated wireless radio communications industry in Australia, has created a guide to assist you. Remember: this document is just a guide. It will not provide enough information to re-evaluate hazardous area classifications, as this is a very specialised field. Nor will it help you change risk assessments or equipment categories.