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Six vital considerations for investing in two-way radios

With so many different two-way products and services on the market, choosing the right one for your team and project can be a daunting task. Thankfully a positive to having so much choice is that you’re likely to find the exact solution for your needs. Having the right two-way communications in place has many benefits, from improved productivity to time, energy and money savings. This makes it worth considering a range of factors while you’re shopping around. Here are some of the questions you’ll need to ask before you make your decision:

1. What grade of equipment is needed?

Radio systems provide different functions to suit a range of distances, terrains and environments. For example, if they are used outside, they’ll need to be weatherproof or submergible, but if they’re used inside, they’ll need to be less sensitive to interruptions like walls or concrete. Additionally, those being used over a wide distance may also require specialised coverage. There’s no simple solution because each organisation is different from the next, which makes it essential to do your research.

2. How much equipment is needed?

While too much equipment can mean wasted space and excessive costs, not enough can lead to slow productivity. Striking up a balance is important, as it can help you allocate your resources more efficiently and cost effectively.

3. How hazardous is the working environment?

Intrinsically Safe radios are specially designed to be safe, durable and reliable in harsh and dangerous conditions. This is not just a requirement, but an imperative in many environments, especially those where electrical, heat or fire risks are present, which makes this a vital factor to consider.

4. Is it better to hire or buy units outright?

Hiring can provide many benefits, especially when your need for communications is sporadic or short term. It ensures you have the most current technology, while allowing you to upgrade easily without a hefty capital investment. Plus, it can also make management of your budget more effective by improving business liquidity and reducing administration time. It’s important to weigh out these alternatives before making a decision.

5. Should I finance or pay upfront?

With most new equipment becoming obsolete within three years, constantly having to upgrade can be very costly. Finance packages can help you upgrade to the best communications solution, without affecting your cash flow or budget plans. Make sure you consider this option before investing.

6. Is preventative maintenance necessary?

A preventative maintenance program can help locate any faults in your system and repair them before they start to interfere with the running of your business, leaving you free to go about your business uninterrupted. While this is an ongoing cost, it can save you more in the long term, making it definitely worth considering.

We’ll help you find the answers you’re looking for.

With 30 years’ experience in two-way radio technologies, Digicom provides expert recommendations, helping to design a custom two-way radio solution to meet the specific needs of your organisation in its sector. We can also take care of all the nitty gritty bits, ensuring your transition to the equipment is as quick and seamless as possible. For more information on our products, support or maintenance, contact 1300 398 221 or via our enquiry form.

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