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Communications in places you never thought possible

The problem

Radio signals tend to travel in the line of sight, so when there are obstructions like hills, mountains and building in the way, signal strength and clarity is often compromised. Even on flat terrain, with no obstructions, sheer distance alone can harm signal strength to the point where the signal is too weak or lost altogether.

The Digicom solution

Whether you’re communicating in a tunnel, an underground car park, a seventy-storey building, or from one part of Australia to the other, Digicom Wireless has you covered. We have special and portable construction systems in place, bridging communications from underground to above-ground, and ensuring workers communicate more smoothly and safely. We have some of the most bespoke and lateral solutions on the market, enabling you to communicate in places you never thought possible. Here are just some of the ways we can enhance your coverage in traditionally low-coverage areas:

Stand-Alone Digital Repeaters

Two-Way Radio Repeaters are like megaphones for radio waves, helping amplify your signal and expand your communications range. With a digital stand-alone repeater, your radio systems can work over a greater distance, even when there are obstacles in the way. They can also link between multiple sites, helping to increase your capabilities and enhance your privacy and security.

Solar Panel Charging of Radio Systems

Solar power is the perfect power source in remote locations where power outlets are scarce. Digicom can provide mobile radio repeaters that you can easily transport to your site, either on a trailer or in the back of your car. Not only does a solar panel charger increase the reliability of your communications, it enhances your safety, ensuring more productive and energy-efficient communications.

Citywide Repeaters

With a citywide repeater, you can harness radio coverage that would otherwise be unobtainable with traditional networks. Digicom Wireless has rooftop repeaters in most capital cities, offering fantastic portable coverage from one end of city to the other. One of our key repeater sites is on the roof of the Westfield Towers in Sydney, enhancing the communications on worksites across the CBD.

Press to Talk over 4G/LTE

Press to Talk allows you to operate your smartphone like you would a walkie talkie. This means you can combine the wide-area coverage of a cellular network with the convenient operation of a two-way radio. Harnessing the power and technology of cellular networks, 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi, Press to Talk offers exceptional flexibility and coverage where it might have otherwise been impossible or difficult to connect.

How can I experience these technologies?

With Digicom Wireless, you can either Purchase, Hire, Buy or Lease your communications solution: whatever best suits your business needs and finances. Not sure which product or payment plan is right for you? Digicom Wireless will help you find an advanced digital solution that perfectly meets your business needs, so you can communicate more efficiently, even in hard-to-reach places.

With 30 years’ experience in two-way radio technologies, Digicom Wireless provides innovative expert recommendations, helping you find a solution suited to the unique needs of your organisation. For upgrades, support or more information on how to make your transition as quick and painless as possible, contact us on 1300 398 221.

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