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Kirisun DP405

Offering both analog and digital modes, the Kirisun DP405 is a perfect cost effective solution for those within the education industry looking for a reliable product. 

The Kirisun offers clear audio, reliable communications in a compact and durable design, ready to go out of the box.

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Motorola EVXS24

Perfect for education campuses thanks to its small size and powerful design. The Motorola EVX-S24 is a compact, durable and lightweight digital two-way radio that operates in both analog and digital modes. 

It boasts clear audio, reliable communications, and advanced features such as text messaging, private calling, and dedicated emergency button.

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Office Desktop Radio

Want to monitor calls from the office? Our desktop mobiles provide schools the ability to operate and monitor calls and emergencies duress calls at the touch of a button. 

See who’s talking or the User who has initiated an emergency notification.

Built with a durable, compact and easy to use design perfect for added security and keeping your staff safe and always in communication.

Need to boost your coverage?

Struggling to get the coverage across a large campus? Do you want to ensure you have staff safe and in constant communication to monitor emergencies and day to day operations in your campus?

Repeaters boost your two-way radio communication systems to extend the range of communication to provide fully functioning redundant solutions.