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With a user-friendly search function to help you keep track of recordings, Digicom will ensure your voice system is simple, effective and easy to manage. Plus, with additional features like timestamps, part IDs and embedded audio players that support both TNA and WAV audio formats, you’ll be able to better analyse recordings. With this technology, you’ll enjoy enhanced tracking and monitoring of conversations, along with improved efficiency and productivity.

Motorola TRBOnet

At Digicom Wireless, we value our partnerships highly and we’re very proud to be affiliated with an award-winning international supplier, TRBOnet. Experienced with installations across 150 countries, TRBOnet is a market leader in providing support, guidance and custom solutions.

We’ve seen first-hand how TRBOnet has helped many organisations, across multiple sectors, achieve their communications goals and become more productive.

TRBOnet Voice Recording

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