Use Digicom Wireless for quick and easy two way radio repairs!

Our Services

Digicom Wireless takes care of your communications needs, whether you choose to purchase, hire or finance your solution. We deal with all the nitty gritty bits like maintenance, upgrades and servicing so you can sit back, relax and focus on your core business – without interruption.

Engineering Design Consultancy

Whether its engineering, system design, building, testing, installation, commissioning or integration, Digicom will work with you to develop a comprehensive communications solution to meet your needs. Our relationship with Wide Area Network (WAN) providers allows us to design bespoke communications systems to DMR Tier II, Tier III and NXDN requirements, as well as conventional analogue and digital systems, data, telemetry and LTE, so you can rest easy, knowing your communications are taken care of. Here are some of the Engineering Design Consultancy services we offer:

  • Custom system design and engineering
  • Profile development and equipment programming
  • Over the air programming
  • Coverage testing and audits
  • Frequency advice and registration services
  • Coverage analysis and modeling
  • Radio usage education and training
  • Documentation and built drawings
  • Location mapping and GPS
  • The latest in ANRITSU testing equipment

South Pacific Procurement

With over 15 years experience in the South Pacific and an unmatched network of associates and key staff in the region, we’re highly efficient at sourcing, obtaining and delivering essential equipment to a range of remote organisations and locations. Here are some of the services we offer to help businesses source, obtain and deliver essential equipment and supplies:

  • Alarm control system
  • Panic and alerting solution
  • GPS tracking and indoor positioning solutions
  • Voice recording and logging
  • Dispatch system applications
  • Man down and lone worker solutions

Installation Commissioning & Testing

With over 50 years of experience and solid partnerships in the industry, we’ll take care of your communications needs, from start to finish. Plus, we also install anything from mobile radios, to a repeater, trunked or antenna systems, so you needn’t look further than Digicom for your installation, commissioning or testing needs. From standard installs to cranes, towers and multi-site connections, we have the qualifications to ensure all works are carried out professionally.

Two-Way Audit & Maintenance

Radios require regular maintenance to perform at their peak and are often subject to a range of issues, from broken buttons to damaged batteries or antennas. Not only are these issues sometimes hard to diagnose, but having to repair the damage is also likely to be costly and damaging to your productivity.

Organisations that don’t undergo professional maintenance tend to replace their radios instead of addressing the root problems, which in many cases leads to unnecessary expenditure. Digicom provides regular preventative maintenance and audits, you can prevent problems before they cause you unnecessary trouble and expense.