Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsic Safety (IS) is not just a requirement, but imperative in many environments. Radios generate heat and conduct electricity, which can be dangerous when additional electrical, heat or fire risks are present. IS equipment is designed to maximise safety in these environments, both by reducing the risk of explosion or combustion and also by introducing additional features to further enhance safety. For example, emergency calling enables immediate responses to any threats, ensuring urgent safety communications are prioritised and acted upon swiftly.

Here are some of the different IS standards we offer:

  • FM (Factory Mutual)
  • IECEX (International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres)
  • ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres)

Some environments where our IS products are currently being used include:

  • Oil Rigs
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Refineries and Factories
  • Coal Seam Plants and Operations
  • Refuelling and Maintenance Stations
  • Above and Below Ground Mines
  • Pharmaceutical Factories

Intrinsically Safe Product Recommendations

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