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Telecommunication Masts

Key information on Masts and Towers

Guyed Masts

Made in Australia, these masts are a rugged and high quality solution. Originally engineered for the mining industry, these masts have proven enduringly popular across all industries. These masts are best suited for non-directional equipment. Whilst they are rotatable and the tube sections can be clamped, the tubes are not keyed to fix their relative bearing to each other during extension, retraction and general operation. The masts are fitted with trusted clamping collars that not only hold the mast erect but will also help to hold a mast’s directional bearing.

Extend Your Coverage

For some customers requiring extra coverage for remote areas in hard to reach locations is essential. Height is a key factor in expanding your Two Way Radio coverage to the extreme. With our masts you can get the coverage you want in the area you need, they have been designed to be a fully portable and easily redeployed solution. With optional solar power and battery back up, you can take this anywhere and expand your communications.

Mast Features

Added Flexibility

Most cost-effective structure available

Ability to be designed to virtually any height

You can choose any height to suit your requirements within 2 to 10 metres.

Can be installed without the requirement of machinery

Buy or hire options