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Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™ provides instant reliable communications as far as the cellular network, always keep your staff in constant communications.

Have a budget but need area wide communications? Don’t want to subscribe to an ageing radio network? Keep your business running smoothly with cost effective instant communications with the TLK100 and TLK110 today.

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Area Wide Coverage like never before

Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™ is a cloud based, subscription group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations using 3G, 4G and Wi-fi networks.

Connect your team with faster speed, instant communications and ease using Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™, a Push-To-Talk (PTT) service without needing to subscribe to an ageing and often expensive radio network.

Benefit from the additional features such as location tracking, GPS, voice recording and playback that you don’t get with traditional two way radio networks!

Pro Bros
Pro Bros
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WAVE allows our drivers to focus on what they are doing and has eliminated the fumbling around with mobile phones and waiting for phone calls to be answered. Communication has been improved across the board, it is now easier and quicker to communicate with everyone at one time. It also allows an instantaneous response back with no coverage issues across NSW.
Hurstville Towing
Hurstville Towing
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Very happy with WAVE PTX solution as it has improved customer service, driver comradery, productivity and enhanced security of IP with private encrypted channels. It has been easy to expand into VIC and continue communications in NSW across states with no need for infastructure.
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Coverage provides greater usage areas, and the size of known blackspots has been reduced when using the solution in vehicles with WAVE PTX. This has provided a significant increase in productivity and reliability due to little or no downtime with radios and a connected team at all times.

A growing number of businesses in the sector are turning to
Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™. Find out why: 

If your staff can communicate quickly and seamlessly, they can collaborate effectively. They can work smarter and safely. Workers’ productivity and job satisfaction improve, and teams have accurate real-time information at their fingertips. All this helps them resolve issues quickly and, ultimately, deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Get ahead of your competition with Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™

Keeping team members connected across a facility, worksite, or even across the country is critical to today’s businesses. Yet, with so many different devices and networks, ensuring connectivity is becoming increasingly difficult.

In a recent Motorola Solutions survey, over 90% of workers said it would be valuable if they could seamlessly communicate across any type of device. This is important because, as the same survey found, almost all workers are using more than one device on the job, switching throughout the day to the tools best suited for a specific task. That may include traditional two-way mobile radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Add the need to communicate both locally and nationwide, and many companies are left relying on a growing mix of Wi-Fi, two-way radio networks, and multiple cellular phone networks across the country. This mix of devices and networks slows communications, making it more complex to communicate essential information across an organization.

What’s needed? An integrated communications solution that allows all workers to connect at the pace of today’s business expectations — across any device, from any location, instantly. The solution – Motorola WAVE PTX.

Industries Served

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Transportation teams can communicate instantly and securely with push-to-talk (PTT) over a nationwide cellular network with WAVE and keep teams connected and safe with instant communications. WAVE constantly roams to find the strongest cellular or WiFi signal. It works wherever you are. There are no boundaries! An integrated communications solution that allows all workers to connect at the pace of today’s business expectations across any device, from any location, instantly.

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Keep your team safe and your customers with WAVE PTX. Security teams now can enjoy instant PTT (Press-To-Talk) functionality with area wide coverage. Track your team members and enhance safety with dedicated durress and emergency activiation. The flexibility WAVE PTX offers means you can extend beyond voice, to provide multimedia collaboration tools to your teams AND your teams can communicate across different networks on different devices - from radios to smartphones and PCs.

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WAVE PTX technology enhances the efficiency of the construction sector by accelerating project completion through optimized crew allocation, materials transport, and logistical operations. No need for costly infrastructure or repeaters at site. Concerns for safety and security are at the forefront of many sites, workers want to feel safe, and have the ability to address any safety issues quickly and effectively. With WAVE, you have reliable, robust and instant communications are essential for managing any incidents.



Now more than ever, teams need to be connected to increase customer satisfaction and enhance guest experience. Keep your team connected and your customers happy with instant communications. If your staff can communicate quickly and seamlessly, they can collaborate effectively. With WAVE, you can concentrate on your job, knowing you have instant communications in place to deliver the service your customers expect. WAVE is a wise, long-term investment for operations to improve efficiency and service.