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Hytera Two Way Radios

When you need exceptional digital communications, think Hytera. Hytera two-way radios and solutions are built to perform – and built to last. Hytera offer a complete portfolio of cutting-edge products from portable radios, mobiles and repeaters to software and more.

Hytera Professional Communications Technologies and Solutions

A leading designer and manufacturer of professional two-way radios, Hytera provides radios for numerous industries from construction to mining, to retail and safety. Hytera strives to provide the most valuable and customisable solutions to clients worldwide, across a diverse range of sectors, tailored to industries needs.
Hytera Two Way Radios
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Hytera Radio Brand Features

Hytera offers a variety of outstanding features which showcase why there products and offerings are so popular. Have a look to understand why.


Keeping up to date with the latest technology means that Hytera have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of each industry, and of each individual within your communications chain.



World-class technology, designed by the experts. Hytera professional two-way radios combine rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development.



With the changing industry, Hytera has demonstrated leadership in incorporating new technologies and compelling features in order to deliver more effective solutions for customers.

Innovation for Safety

Hytera strives for continuous innovation, dedication to safety, and sustainable contributions to the communities where we operate.​

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