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5 innovations in two-way radio you can expect to see in 2018

Few technologies parallel the enduring legacy and widespread usage of two-way radios. Two-way is highly unique – the technology has grown consistently since the 1930s, not only surviving the introduction of a range of disruptive digital technologies, but adapting to these and becoming better because of them. Some of the lasting benefits of two-way radio include flexibility, adaptability in almost all environments and a level of efficiency unmatched even by newer cellular, push-to-talk or Voice-over-WLAN technologies. The growth of two-way technologies is unlikely to stop anytime soon, with tech experts predicting digital two-way radios will become even better and more reliable in 2018. Here are just some enhancements you can expect to see in two-way technologies next year:

1. Improved voice quality

With better automatic error correction, advanced software algorithms and improved encoding of speech, you can expect clearer voice quality even in extreme conditions, with the latest digital radios. Two-way radios already have the technology to rebuild voice sound and this will probably become more efficient, helping maintaining voice clarity even when a signal has been badly corrupted. You’ll never have to deal with white noise and are far less likely to experience frustrating background sounds when you have the latest technologies.

2. Better capacity

New digital radios have far greater spectrum and bandwidth efficiency, ensuring more effective use of the radio spectrum. This technology means you can enhance the capacity of channels, minimising licensing costs and enabling more communication – all without the headaches of interference.

3. Improved coverage

Digital voice is becoming clearer and more intelligible, opening new opportunities for use where coverage would have been previously impossible. Voices can also now be heard over a greater range, without interference or static, meaning you’ll be able to rely on your radios to do more and more.

4. Better battery life

With new energy efficiencies, battery life on the latest digital two-way radios is becoming more and more powerful. Users can go longer withsxout having to charge their radios, reducing the frequency of downtime and the frustration that accompanies this.   

5. New usage applications

New digital radios continue to introduce exciting additional features and functions alongside basic two-way voice. For example, you can download new applications from the internet as their developed or even record voice or broadcast your GPS coordinates as you talk. Not only will a range of new features enhance productivity, they’ll also ensure greater privacy and overall safety – ensuring organisations are working to the best standards of productivity, safety and efficiency possible.

With these exciting new usage opportunities, we believe there’s never been a better time to invest in two-way technologies than 2018. Digicom Wireless can find you the perfect digital solution to meet the unique needs of your organisation in its sector, helping you utilise new digital innovations and supercharge your operations. For upgrades, support or more information on how the latest radio technologies can help you, contact us on 1300 398 221.

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