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Useful Tactics To Boost Your Two-Way Radio Coverage & Communication

Two-way radios make a great alternative to mobile phones when it comes to immediate and clear communication in a variety of environments. More reliable and durable than mobile phones, a two-way radio functions well past areas where the cellular signals can reach.

There are some challenges, however, in using two-way radios in certain environments. You can overcome these difficulties with the right equipment, as discussed below, but first, it helps to understand why this gear might be necessary.

Using a two-way radio in a challenging environment

What is a challenging environment for two-way radio use? Any of the following can present hurdles in coverage:

  • Mountainous terrain with peaks and valleys
  • Tunnels, mines, trenches, troughs, and tanks
  • Dense wooded areas
  • Urban structures, such as buildings and bridges
  • Long distances

Even the longest-range two-way radios have limits to how far their signals will travel. And interference to the line-of-sight signal, such as the impediments above, can cut that even more.

Tactics for boosting two-way radio signals

There are a few strategies you can employ to boost your two-way radio signal. First, make sure you purchase or hire the best two-way radios for your particular job. You can ask professionals, like the staff at Digicom Wireless, about how to select radios with the most effective range and key frequencies you need.

Second, make sure your radio’s battery isn’t too low. Tips for helping with this include:

  • Always charge your radio in its designated station when you’re not using it.
  • Ensure the battery is off whilst the radio is being charged.
  • Perform a battery check before taking your two-way radio into a remote or potentially dangerous environment, like a construction site or wilderness trip.
  • Have extra charging options available, such as a vehicle inverter for a single charging station, battery bank, or solar charger.
  • Protect your two-way radio from battery-draining cold temperatures by putting it in a jacket or pocket and using a headset.

Third, consider using a repeater in conjunction with a  pump-up mast for their signal-boosting powers. These devices are perfect for extreme and remote locations where you need extra range for safety and efficiency.

Tactics for improving communication over two-way radios

Repeaters for two-way radios extend the signal from a two-way radio by repeating or echoing it. When you place repeaters at strategic locations, you can significantly enhance the radio’s transmission distance.

We have many clients who employ repeaters in areas where two-way radios can be tricky to use, such as in tunnels, large tanks, and other underground environments. They can also be helpful in low-lying or flat areas in the open outdoors – anywhere you experience a communication dead zone or black spot.

It doesn’t take long to figure out the optimum location for a repeater to enhance the performance of your two-way radio system. Industries where you typically see repeaters used include:

  • Construction
  • Government
  • Mining
  • Marine transportation
  • Oil and gas
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Education and research
  • Facilities management
  • Event planning and hosting
  • Wilderness sports and travel
  • Emergency response and search and rescue

Sometimes, extending your two-way radio coverage over uneven terrain is better served with a bit of height. In that case, a pump-up mast, also called a telescoping antenna, is the ideal solution. We sell and hire pump-up masts to people in the same industry using repeaters, especially when they require extra distance over mountainous geography or uneven outdoor geometry that breaks the line-of-sight radio communication path.

Our telescoping antennas have all the amenities you want in communication gear:

  • Durable construction that works with many professions
  • 10-metre plus height for extra coverage
  • Reliable clamping collars for consistent directional bearing
  • Easy portability for repeat deployment
  • Rapid setup and pack up with no extra equipment required
  • Battery backup and solar power for field use
  • Tripod base plus guy wires for improved stability
  • Carry case designed for heavy-duty environments
  • Adapter for universal antenna use

Digicom Wireless for all the two-way radio equipment you need

If you’re looking for ways to boost your two-way radio coverage, you’ve come to the right source at Digicom Wireless. We have all the equipment you need for sale or hire, and our expert staff can help you select the right items for your job or trip. We also offer price matching and service of two-way radio equipment. Get in contact with us today to learn more and see how much better your two-way radio signal could become.