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Seamless Communications Enhance Guest Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency in Hospitality

According to IBISWorld, Australia’s hotels and resorts industry is worth $1.3 billion and is expected to grow by 13.3% in 2023, with domestic travel increasing by 16.9% since 2022. How will the hospitality industry cope with rising visitor arrivals due to increasing costs, labour shortages and fierce competition?

Digicom Wireless, Motorola’s Channel Partner in Australia, has seen how discerning hotels and resorts use seamless communications solutions to reduce operational costs and improve guest satisfaction.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Jeff Wyrsta, Managing Director of Digicom Wireless, recommends Motorola’s WAVE PTX solution. This subscription-based group communication service delivers voice and multimedia content via Wi-Fi and broadband. “Users benefit from predictable costs with fixed billing plans according to usage. As each hospitality business is unique, the subscription plan depends on your choice of user applications and devices. We work closely with our hospitality customers to identify the best subscription plan to suit different business needs,” explained Mr Wyrsta.

WAVE PTX connects everyone with instant push-to-talk voice with static-free, clear and loud audio to keep teams updated – from the front desk reception in the lobby to the housekeeping department or security personnel in the basement of large properties. Hospitality customers tell Digicom Wireless that WAVE PTX increases productivity because staff can communicate confidently, quickly and clearly to each other instead of having to walk to other departments on another floor or to another building, which saves much time. 

With WAVE PTX, real-time voice and data communication across entire operations in a hotel or resort with various talk groups helps to keep staff and guests safe while boosting efficiency and productivity.

“We see growing demand from hotels and resorts wanting to connect their teams with reliable and user-friendly communications solutions that offer the flexibility of Wi-Fi or cellular network options like what WAVE PTX provides”
Jeff Wyrsta
Managing Director, Digicom Wireless

Digicom Wireless’ hospitality clients observed how easy it is to add, assign or change talk groups, giving users complete control to start operations quickly, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. 

WAVE PTX also does not require additional licenses or manual programming, so there is no risk of forgetting to renew a licence and operating illegally. As business needs change, WAVE PTX offers scalable solutions to enable users to add new devices, install a mobile app, disable users or enhance functionality without owners worrying about investing in new equipment or infrastructure. WAVE PTX helps the hospitality operations optimise resources so that staff are deployed efficiently by giving the management virtual eyes and ears to assess if a team is completing assigned duties within the time frame and at designated locations. This situational awareness helps managers eliminate duplication of resources, further reducing operational costs.

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

WAVE PTX enables hotel staff to connect instantly with each other wherever they are so that important messages can be sent privately, to different teams or all at once, depending on the situation. Guest satisfaction is critical in an industry fighting for bookings, and positive reviews are now more prevalent with the influence of social media. Digicom Wireless observed that hotels and resorts that equip their staff with reliable and seamless communications solutions ensure high service and satisfaction. The team’s professionalism level is also raised as distractions from mobile phone usage are removed.

Whether delivering room service, handling check-in and check-out procedures, or attending to special requirements, seamless coordination empowers staff to provide exceptional hospitality experiences. Such positive guest experiences are a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry, distinguishing responsive and highly rated hotels or resorts from those below the mark. WAVE PTX’s integrated emergency duress button, GPS tracking, call and route recording functions further enhance staff or guest safety and traceability so that relevant teams or authorities are equipped with real-time situational awareness for prompt responses.

“WAVE PTX enables swift and efficient resolution of issues contributing to peace of mind, an overall sense of security and satisfaction among guests and staff.”
Jeff Wyrsta
Managing Director, Digicom Wireless

Some properties have locations or deep undergrounds that may result in weak or unstable Wi-Fi or 4G signals (black spots). Digicom Wireless can skillfully correct such connectivity issues with a suitable cellular or Wi-Fi or cellular booster. Deploying seamless communications swiftly with little or no downtime requires the expertise of a reliable technology partner who understands each client’s unique requirements. For over 50 years, Digicom Wireless has expertly identified efficiency gaps for their hospitality clients, helping them raise the bar for operational excellence and guest satisfaction experience.

Partner with Digicom Wireless – your trusted advisor in communications solutions that result in more connected and productive hospitality operations.

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