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Getting Ready for the End-of-Year Rush: How Two-Way Radios Can Help Your Business

Using Two-Way Radios can be a valuable tool for businesses preparing for the end-of-year rush, especially in sectors like retail, logistics, security and event management. Here’s a guide on how to get prepared for the end-of-year rush with two-way radios:

Planning Ahead

Do you want to increase your customers satisfaction and your overall staff efficiency? It is integral for successful business’s during the holiday period to plan ahead. For those who succeed during the busier holiday period, reliable communications are key. One key step is to determine your needs. Identify the specific events or activities where you will require two-way radios. Consider the number of radios you’ll need, the range of coverage required, and any special features you might need, such as weather resistance, compact sizing or long battery life for the late night shifts.

It is always good to compare your previous holiday period and see where you could have benefited from increased effective communications between staff and customers. Having instant communications can save your staff time and increase a valued customer experience with your customers.

Inventory Management

The key to success during the holiday period is maintaining adequate stock of required equipment. Understanding the needs of extra employees or temporary workers during this period who will require communication devices is necessary. Ensure you can keep your staff connected at all times which will increase not only the customers experience but also provide fast and efficient work processes. Optimize your fleet by forecasting your orders today for extra rental devices during this period.

Not only this, but evaluating your current fleet for any repairs or parts needed before you get to the busy period is a clever way to stay ahead of the game. Needing extra channels, earpieces, batteries and chargers is common during this time and is always best to get in first and reserve the sought after equipment.

Staffing and Training

When increasing seasonal employees or temporary workers, it is important to ensure all staff are trained and up to date with how to use and look after your Two-Way Radios. Ensuring consistent and regular training will ensure things run smoothly during the holidays and ensure staff are utilizing the Two-Way Radios to the maximum potential.

Clear communications can make the difference in a well operating work environment.

Connected & Safe Presence

Does your staff need to communicate between stores to keep up to date with stock levels or persons of interest? Keeping your entire workforce connected is easy with Two-Way Radios increasing your efficiency when dealing with the public. Checking in on a particular size or quantity of stock is easy by the press of a button.

Do you have a few stores within a shopping Centre or group who need to maintain contact regularly? It is easy to maintain safety and security, updating stores with a POI or safety concern is easy, keeping your staff and customers in safe hands.

Need your drivers to be in contact for a scheduled delivery? Forget mobiles, Two-Way Radios not only offer instant group wide communications but can also provide GPS Tracking for keeping your staff and customers up to date with scheduled deliveries. This means you can schedule things easier and more efficiently.

Customer Service and Support

Offering exceptional customer service during the holiday season is the difference which customers are looking for. Offering live up to date stock availabilities is easy when you have constant communications to your stock rooms. Two-Way Radios are some of the few technologies that can aid in providing better support. Helping with handling customer inquiries and returns efficiently by the press of a button through a connected workforce.

Post-Holiday Evaluation

Analyzing your performance after the holiday rush is important to understand how you can improve. The value of learning from not only your staffs experience but also feedback from customers is essential in growing and understanding your procedures. With communications key to a successful business, it is integral to analyze how you communicated during this period and how you can do better next time. Being prepared and informed is a crucial key to success.


Two-Way Radios are integral to the success of many businesses during the holiday period. It is so important to plan in advance and prepare for the end-of-year rush. Take action now and secure your equipment for the busy season now.


Use the checklist below to help your team get organized for the end-of-year rush today!

Determine your needs:
Identify the specific events or activities where you will require two-way radios. Consider the number of radios you’ll need, the range of coverage required, and any special features you might need, such as weather resistance, compact sizing or long battery life.

Find a reliable rental provider:
Engage your local rental provider, Digicom Wireless who specialize in event communications equipment.

Request a quote:
Contact Digicom Wireless and request a quote based on your specific needs. Be sure to provide details such as the number of radios needed, the rental duration (start and end dates), and any additional accessories or services you require (e.g., earpieces, chargers, or delivery/setup services).

Check availability:
Confirm that the two-way radios are available for the Christmas period and your requirements can be accommodated.

Review the contract:
Carefully review the rental contract, with attention to deposit requirements, terms and conditions, and any information relating to damages or lost equipment.

Arrange delivery or pickup:
Coordinate with Digicom Wireless to have the two-way radios delivered to your location or arrange for pickup. Ensure that you receive the equipment in time and that you understand how to use it.

Train your team:
If your team is not familiar with two-way radios, Digicom Wireless provides basic training on how to operate them, including how to communicate using the appropriate radio etiquette and channels.

Use the radios responsibly:
During the Holiday period, use the two-way radios as needed, and remind your team to take care of the equipment and return it in the same condition.

By following these steps, you can effectively rent two-way radios for the Holiday period and ensure smooth communication during your events and activities.

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