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Reliable Communications to Boost Productivity and Serve Customers Efficiently

Established in 2003, Pro Bros Providore (Pro Bros) supplies locally grown quality fresh produce throughout Greater Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. By partnering with over 300 Australian growers and local farmers, Pro Bros is central in connecting customers and regional producers with the freshest produce. As Sydney’s leading fresh produce supplier, Pro Bros has close to 100 employees, a fleet of 42 vehicles, and state-of-the-art facilities, including warehousing for cold and dry storage inside Sydney Markets to expedite delivery of customer orders.

Pro Bros Providore is one of the leading fruit and vegetable providores of quality grown fresh produce, supplying more than 500 businesses across NSW, Sydney suburbs and sur-rounding restaurants, hotels, and other fine establishments with the highest quality produce and service.


Pro Bros had relied only on mobile phones to communicate with over 44 trucks and forklift drivers. Relying solely on mobile phones to connect with the various teams in the daily operations presented many limitations, such as connectivity issues, poor audio quality in noisy environments, insufficient battery power and the inability to communicate with groups instantly. Teams faced difficulty staying connected and accessing critical information, which impacted decision-making. Providing mobile phones to the workforce and maintaining data plans to run daily operations add to higher costs that will be unsustainable for Pro Bros.’ business in the future.

Using mobile phones to communicate created many challenges. Poor audio quality and limited network coverage resulted in miscommunication and inefficient operations.
Robert Lo
Director of Pro Bros

Director of Pro Bros, Robert Lo, said, “We needed a reliable communications solution to reach our team of truck and forklift drivers instantly to meet the dynamic demands of our food supplies.”
Relying on mobile phones to connect with our truck drivers was also distracting and caused delays when waiting for calls to be answered. Getting quick responses and updates to the team was compromised as mobile phone technology was unable to support one-to-many communications.


Motorola Solutions Channel Partner in Australia, Digicom Wireless, introduced the TLK 100 PTT radios in May 2023. Later on, Digicom Wireless installed the TLK 150 mobile radio for the food processing kitchen enhanced with Motorola’s wide-band external speaker to boost audio in noisy environments, solving their earlier problem of poor audio quality. Truck drivers were equipped with Motorola’s wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM), while fork lifters, packers, and pallet workers had TLK wireless audio earpieces to focus on their jobs without fumbling with devices.
With communication to one or all members now at the press of a button, drivers can focus better on their tasks without fumbling with all kinds of devices to connect with their teams.

Clear audio meant that messages were received and understood quickly, even in chaotic environments when there were lots of activities happening at the markets. The flexibility of Wi-fi and cellular networks was another reason for Pro Bros to choose the Motorola’s TLK and RSM solution as meant more extensive coverage compared to their mobile phones’ limited connectivity.
Mr Lo also observed a significant transformation after the TLK and RSM deployment. “There was minimal downtime, and over-the-air programming was easily managed. Staff have welcomed the user-friendly features and functions.”

Our teams can now get updates instantly as we can communicate to one member or all members at the push of a button, improving operational efficiencies and colla-boration, wherever the location.
Robert Lo
Director of Pro Bros

“Now we can interact with each other clearly and quickly. The TLK and RSM solution has strengthened camaraderie and engagement of the entire team,” added Mr Lo. Since deploying the solution, drivers have been more forthcoming with their problems and issues, enabling quicker resolutions and preventing an escalation of greater issues. With the new communications solution, the Pro Bros command centre now has full visibility of where their fleet of trucks is because of the GPS location feature. In duress situations, safety is ensured as drivers can easily activate an emergency response button, especially if working alone.

Deploying reliable and robust communications requires the expertise of an equally reliable technology partner. Digicom Wireless has over 50 years of wireless communications experience acquired from a deep understanding of industry standards and unique customer requirements. Jeff Wyrsta, Managing Director at Digicom Wireless, said, “Pro Bros could rely on us for our accessible support if a technical issue requires immediate attention. With our proactive and experienced team, we can quickly troubleshoot and problem-solve communication issues with Pro Bros.” Motorola’s TLK and RSM solution is cost-efficient, too, as new radios do not require additional licenses or frequency requirements. There is also no risk of forgetting to renew a licence and operating illegally. Lightweight but sturdy, compact but efficient, the TLK and RSM products also have a long battery life ensuring clear and reliable communication for Pro Bros to serve their vast network of customers efficiently at every work shift.

  • Reliable, clear PTT group communications are built for instant connection to provide immediate information and improve situational awareness so teams can make prompt decisions.
  • No weak signals to affect the audio quality.
  • One button for clear and reliable private or group communications. Improved productivity with an easy-to-use push-to-talk connection so drivers can safely operate devices without fumbling with mobile phones.
  • Over-the-air programming minimises downtime and enables efficient updates of the radio fleet so that teams are focused on their roles at work sites.
  • Strong partner support by Digicom Wireless ensures fast deployment, quick access to troubleshooting technical issues and low downtime for efficient operations.


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