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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions

Cellular coverage reliability has become a service as basic and essential as water and electricity. The ability to use a mobile phone to make a call, send a text, check email is an expectation. Just like all basic services, we expect our cell phones to work everywhere, including inside every building we enter.

Digicom Wireless combines years of RF expertise with our team of experienced cellular engineers to design and provide the best cellular DAS solution according to your budgetary and technical constraints. We understand how important coverage and operational confidence can contribute to the way your business runs.

With the advent of new and smart cellular boosting products such as the Cel-fi Quatra – fixing your cellular coverage has never been more accessible and within budget for many small to medium sized businesses that rely on cellular for day to day operations.

Best practice design, installation and implementation will deliver long-term communication stability for your business.

Where are DAS solution typically installed?

    • Underground Car Parks & Basements
    • Warehouse and Distribution Centres
    • Shopping Centres
    • Residential Buildings & Apartments
    • Corporate offices
    • Small-medium offices
    • Schools
    • Event facilities
    • Contact us to discuss your cellular coverage and how a Quatra DAS may help your business.

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