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Maximize customer service during COVID19

Maximize customer service, increase productivity whilst maintaining social distancing

Boost customer experience with instant communications during COVID-19. Is your workplace practicing social distancing? Two-way radios are a great way to keep your team communicating efficiently while maintaining their distance. Avoid sharing radios and remember to sanitize and clean your equipment regularly.

“82% of shoppers say “customer service” is their #1 priority in-store ₁”

Motorola Two Way Radio Solutions
Why now is the best time to install your radio fleet?

Retailers are under greater pressure than ever before with the ever changing climate due to COVID19. They must do more with less on tight margins while ensuring customer safety, enhanced customer experience and maintaining social distancing. Employees must be well-informed and well-coordinated in their stores, armed with the right information to satisfy customers and ensure safety.

“47% shoppers say tech-enabled associates improve their experience ₂”

Motorola EVX-S24
Use radios as a social distancing solution

Track incoming customers at entry points to ensure social distancing guidelines are met, have a safety issue or too many customers in one area? Alert security and managers at the touch of a button.

By equipping your store with communications you allow flowing communication between staff and managers. Rather than leaving your customer’s side and risk them walking out, staff can access information quickly and covertly through radios. Have a safety hazard, accident or spill?

Don’t broadcast over an intercom or physically track down staff to enlist help, just contact them with a press of a button and quickly alert the right employee to resolve the problem. Quickly and discreetly!

“80% staff say technology improves managing employees & operations ₃ “

Kenwood PKT-23
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